About us

Life Settlements Done Simple

We make selling life insurance simple and straightforward. Our goal is to empower you and ensure that you’re able to extract the most money possible from your valuable asset, rather than simply allowing an unneeded policy to lapse.

Who We Are

We are Life-Settlement.com, an organization established to help ensure that people just like you are able to sell their life insurance policies quickly, easily, and for the best value. We are advocates on your behalf, helping to make sure that you are able to benefit from one of your most valuable assets. At Life-Settlement.com, we believe that the value of your life insurance policy should benefit you, not the insurance company.

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Why Your Life Settlement Broker Matters

Why does working with an exceptional life settlement broker matter? Simply put, it ensures that you are able to sell your life insurance policy for the most cash possible, without hassles, hold-ups or headaches. Finding the right life settlement broker is necessary and that’s where we come in.

According to a study by The Wharton School, 87% of permanent life insurance policies lapse annually. Frighteningly, 75% of those policies belong to seniors. When this happens, the insurance company keeps all of the money you paid in. It becomes their profit instead of yours. You lose it all.

We don’t believe it should be that way. Life Settlement has your best interest in mind and fully supports you in selling your life insurance policy for cash. After all, it is your policy. It’s your personal property. Why should you allow your tinsurance company to benefit from it?

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Our Mission and

At Life-Settlement.com, our mission is simple:

To get you the most money for your life insurance policy so that you can feel peace of mind and enhance your quality of life.

How It Works

To achieve our mission, we scour all eligible buyers and aggregate them so that you can get the absolute best deal for your policy. We are your mentors and your advocates. We help reduce the costs inherent with the conventional process of selling a life insurance policy, match you with licensed institutional buyers, eliminate costly middlemen, additional costs, hidden fees, and hurdles that could cause you headaches.

We believe in making your life the best life, and that it is our responsibility to help you do that. We believe that credibility, transparency, accountability and full disclosure are vital elements in building a strong, lasting relationship with each and every client we represent. We invite you to contact us to learn how our values ensure the ideal outcome for you.

Why Life-Settlement.com?

Life Settlement stands as an ideal partner for anyone interested in selling their life insurance policy. Our unique process ensures that selling life insurance is as simple and painless as possible. We also work with an incredibly wide range of clients for a variety of selling purposes, including seniors seeking to sell a policy they no longer want or need before it lapses. Our strong relationships with outstanding, eager institutional buyers and our dedication to transparency and trust ensure peace of mind, the best price for your insurance policy, and a simple, straightforward process you’ll love.

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