Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Life-Settlement.com website is designed to provide information and education about life settlements and the
process for selling life insurance policies, as well as a portal for the evaluation and qualification of life insurance policies being offered for sale. Life-Settlement.com is a marketing company, not a life settlement broker.

Life-Settlement.com works with life settlement companies to connect sellers with qualified buyers. Note that the information, offers and services contained within or accessed through this website are void outside of the United States, as well as anywhere they are prohibited by law.

Any personally identifiable information (PII) relating to you is collected and used in the process of retrieving quotes on the purchase of the life insurance policy being sold. This may include information about your identity, your financial standing, your medical history and health, and more. Life-Settlement.com collects this non-public information and uses it strictly for the purposes of obtaining a life settlement quote. However, note that disclosure of this information to life settlement companies may occur without your specific authorization.

Unless noted otherwise, intellectual rights to all materials, images and other content within this website belong to Life-Settlement.com. As a user, you may view, download and print pages from this website for personal use only. You are not allowed to:

  • Republish any material from this website without stated authorization from Life-Settlement.com
  • Sell or otherwise profit from any material on this website
  • Publicly display any material on this website
  • Reproduce or otherwise duplicate the material on this website
  • Edit or change any material on this website
  • Redistribute material from this website

Unlawful, fraudulent or harmful use of this website or the information contained within this website is not allowed.

You are not allowed to store, host, share or otherwise disseminate any illegal, illicit or immoral material from or within this website.

Data collection activities, including data scraping, data mining, data harvesting and similar practices are prohibited on this website.

Spamming or related unsolicited communications via this website are prohibited.

Note that access to specific areas of this website is restricted to particular authorized individuals only.

By using this website, you agree that any information or content that you submit to Life-Settlement.com can be utilized in any way we deem appropriate. You also warrant that any content you provide us is legal and does not infringe on any other party’s rights.

Life-Settlement.com will not be held liable in relation to the content or use of this website in any way.

By using this website, you agree that the limitations of liability and any exclusions made are reasonable and that you will abide by them. If you do not believe that these are reasonable, do not use our website.

Life-Settlement.com may revise these terms and conditions, privacy policy content and disclaimer information at any time without prior warning. Use of this website indicates agreement with those changes. In addition, Life-Settlement.com reserves the right to reassign, transfer or otherwise change the rights and obligations under the stated terms and conditions without prior notification to users or user consent. However, user rights and/or obligations may not be subcontracted, transferred ore reassigned.

If it is found that a user has breached any portion of these terms and conditions, it is Life-Settlement.com’s right to take any action deemed appropriate.

If any portion of our terms and conditions is found to be unenforceable, it has no impact on the remaining terms and conditions, or on our privacy policy, information use practices, or disclaimers.

By using this website, you automatically indemnify Life-Settlement.com against any losses, damages, costs, liabilities or expenses in any way arising from any breach of these terms and conditions. You also agree that you will hold all officers and employees of Life-Settlement.com blameless in the case of any loss you may suffer in any way connected with our website, and you agree that the limitations of warranties and liabilities found herein will protect all of our:

  • Officers
  • Employees
  • Agents
  • Subcontractors
  • Successors
  • Subsidiaries

Use of this website indicates your complete agreement to abide by these terms and conditions, as well as our privacy policy and our disclaimer.

Note that no information, statement or verbiage within these terms and conditions, our privacy policy, or our disclaimer will limit any warranty implied by law if it would be illegal to exclude or limit. In addition, nothing within our terms and conditions, privacy policy or disclaimer will limit or exclude our liability in the case of a death or personal injury caused by negligence on our part, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation on our part, or matter in would be illegal/unlawful for us to exclude or limit, including our liability.